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Adress: 2nd Floor, 346/3 Provat Feri, Adarsha School Road (beside Anabil Hospital, Dania Over bridge), North Dania, Jatrabari, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1236.

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Empowering young voices, one word at a time. Join our child speech therapy center to witness the transformation of communication challenges into confident expressions.


  • Dhaka University
  • CRP (Savar)
  • NITOR (Pangu Hospital)
  • Sher-e-Bangla Medical College


This experienced team of health professionals will work on your child’s development or the rehabilitation of a loved one.

Fun activities and games that are designed to help your kids to grow and learn better. These games are made to match each child’s abilities and help them with things like moving, talking, playing with others, and feeling good about themselves. These activities are like special tools that teachers, therapists, and parents use to help these kids learn and have fun at the same time.

These classes help your child to learn and grow in a comfortable and supportive way. These classes have teachers who understand each child’s needs, use different ways of teaching, and make sure everyone feels included. The classes are small, and the teachers work closely with parents to help each child do their best. The goal is to help these kids learn, make friends, and feel good about themselves.

It is really important for your children because everyone is different. Just like how people have their own favorite foods and ways of doing things, your children also have their own unique strengths and challenges. When teachers and caregivers take the time to understand each child and how they learn best, it helps the child learn and feel better about themselves. It’s like having a special plan that fits just right for that child.

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